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20. november, 2014

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Conference: Theory meets practice: important issues in teaching practice
21 November 2014

University of Tartu, Ülikooli 18, Tartu


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Welcome speech
Mart Laidmets, Deputy Secretary General for General and Vocational Education, Ministry of Education and Research
Tiina Anspal, SA Archimedes Foundation, head of the programme Eduko


Prof Cheryl Graig (USA)
Perennial Problem of Practitioners: Negotiating the Theory-Practice Split“


Parallel sessions


Session 1: ICT solutions to support teaching and learning in different contexts (session in english)

Session 2: Bullying and wellbeing at school (session in estonian) Session 3: Teacher and school (session in estonian) Session 4: Improving pedagogical practice (session in estonian) 
  Session Chair:
Äli Leijen
Session Chair:
Tiina Anspal
Session Chair:
Krista Uibu
Session Chair:
Katrin Poom-Valickis

Connectivism as a framework for web-based teacher education programme
Inkeri Laaksonen, Marku Rissanen, Finland

Shaping values of students, using the project “bullying-free school“ as an example
Sigrit Nigulas, Sirje Piht, Estonia

Leadership as a basis for a learning organisation: teacher knowledge, activities and problem solving skills
Toomas Kink, Krista Uibu, Estonia

How to link theory and practice in teacher education? Examples from practical solutions
Maarja Tinn, Inge Timoštšuk, Viive-Riina Ruus, Estonia

A pedagogical framework for the Ark of Inquiry Project
Leo A. Siiman, Mario Mäeots, Margus Pedaste, Estonia;  Bregje de Vries, Netherlands; Koen Veermans, Finland

School environment and personal factors that support subjective well-being of Estonian students
Marika Ratnik, Eha Rüütel, Estonia

Consistency between personal and professional identities of a teacher and job satisfaction, using one Estonian Waldorf school as an example
Anne Nelke, Äli Leijen, Estonia

Supporting formation of practical knowledge of teacher education students through guided reflection procedure
Raili Allas, Äli Leijen, Estonia

Teachers and the use of digital technologies: from the technological deficit to the methodological deficit
Fernando Albuquerque Costa, Portugal

Teacher as a victim of bullying – changes in the level of bullying during the last 10 years in Estonia
Kristi Kõiv, Estonia

What kind of curriculum manuals do teachers need to act as professionals?
Piret Viirpalu, Rain Mikser, Edgar Krull, Estonia


The role of university mentor teachers in pedagogical practice as viewed by university teachers
Pille Villems, Hedi-Liis Toome, Raili Allas, Estonia 

Participatory Design as a tool for developing Inquiry Learning Spaces in Go-Lab
Urmas Heinaste, Leo A. Siiman, Mario Mäeots, Margus Pedaste, Estonia

Anti-bullying program KiVa in Estonia – usage of the evidence-based program and its impact
Kristiina Treial, Estonia

Practitioners as teaching staff in applied higher education institute – the meaning of teaching and teaching beliefs
Elina Reva, Mari Karm, Liina Lepp, Marvi Remmik, Estonia

Formation of student support network during pedagogical practice
Annika Rebane, Estonia




Parallel sessions


Session 5: Teachers’ professional development (session in english)

Session 6: Learning and teaching at school (session in estonian)

Session 7: Professional development of pedagogical education students (session in estonian)

  Session Chair:
Äli Leijen
Session Chair:
Krista Uibu
Session Chair:
Katrin Poom-Valickis

Student teachers’ identity development examined through tensions in different types of curricula
Tiina Anspal and Äli Leijen, Estonia;  Erika Löfström Finland

Student's reading comprehension and the teaching methods of class teachers in 4th and 5th grades
Triinu Kärbla and Krista Uibu, Estonia

Pedagogical education students' beliefs about the teacher's role
Pihel Hunt, Äli Leijen and Katrin Poom-Valickis, Estonia

Design-based study of pedagogical practice in the school-university partnership
Berit Väli and Kairit Tammets, Estonia

Activities and beliefs in school as predictors of the PISA test results
Jaan Mikk, Estonia

The impact of studying learning theories and their applications to pedagogical student's notions of learning and teaching
Edgar Krull, Ingrid Koni and Kaja Oras, Estonia

Teacher leadership: concept and relevance for teacher professional development
Ermelinda Correia and Maria Assunção Flores, Portugal

Adaptation of measurement tool for language learning strategies SILL for Estonian language learners' needs
Katrin Saks and Äli Leijen, Estonia

Motivation and calling to become a teacher of Estonian and Finnish students, who are studying to become native language teachers
Kersti Lepajõe, Estonia and Satu Grünthal, Finland

Improving workplace-based learning as an example of teacher training: a model for monitoring a teacher’s professional development and suggestions for building and ePortfolio
Äli Leijen, Liina Malva, Pihel Hunt, Edgar Krull, Estonia

Using interactive board in primary-school classes
Eve Reisalu, Estonia

Supporting dance teachers' reflection with various reflection procedures
Anu Sööt ja Äli Leijen, Estonia


Energy brake with poster session:

  • Developing reasoning skills of 7-8 year-old children 
    Egle Säre and Piret Luik, Estonia
  • A pedagogical framework for the Ark of Inquiry Project 
    Leo A. Siiman, Mario Mäeots, Margus Pedaste, Bregje de Vries, Koen Veermans, Estonia
  • Improving workplace-based learning as an example of teacher training: a model for monitoring a teacher’s professional development and suggestions for building and ePortfolio
    Äli Leijen, Liina Malva, Pihel Hunt, Edgar Krull, Estonia
  • Teachers’ perceptions about school culture and leadership and their impact on professional development (poster in english)
    Maria Lima Ferreira, Maria Assunção Flores, Portugal
  • Expression of pedagogical love in the everyday work of a class teacher as a part of school culture, Palmiste, Estonia
  • Suitability of Bauhaus´ learning methods in modern design training, Ülle Linnuste, Estonia
  • Legal awareness of teachers in both theory and practice, Jüri Ginter, Egle Rumberg, Estonia

Invited lectures


Education R&D vs. mainstream beliefs: The Case of Direct Instruction
Prof Jaan Kõrgesaar, Estonia

(lecture in estonian)

Theory and Practice in Initial Teacher Education: challenges for teacher educators
Prof Maria Assunção Flores, Portugal

(lecture in english)


The final keynote presentation
Reemo Voltri, Estonian Education Personnel Union

(lecture in estonian)


Closing session


Reception, University of Tartu, History museum


Bus to Tallinn